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Crashing hurts. Your company can minimize OHS requirements with long lasting protective equipment from our range of safety products.

Unique patterns, artwork or wording in high visibility can be added to any column, pad or beam protection to ensure your employees and visitors are aware of hazards and thereby, remain protected. The range of safe worker products are all made to meet OHS standards and achieve greater than AUSTRALIAN STANDARD AS/NZS. 4422.1996 for soft fall injury protection.

The Australian Standard (AS/NZS 4360: 1990, Risk Management) defines risk as “the chance of something happening that will have an impact upon objectives.” It is measured in terms of likelihood and consequences.

Duty of care: this is a duty owed by one party (the defendant) to another (the plaintiff). You must take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions that you can reasonably foresee would be likely to injure.

Breach of duty: Standard of care; the plaintiff has to show that the defendant has breached a duty to him/her by falling below the reasonable standard of care.

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(OHS) Surpasses AUSTRALIAN STANDARD AS/NZS. 4422.1996 for soft fall protection.

Safety Pad Solutions Has You Protected. Our Pads Are:  

SAM4School Compliant

Rod is a licensed SAM4School contractor.

Working wIth Children Check Safe

Rod is Working with Children Checked and can provide current valid card on visit.

Super High Strength

Built tough to withstand the rigours of heavy, regular impact.

Tear Resistant

Ripstop PVC with greater exeterior strength to resist common tears at impact.

UV & FR Treated

Fully Ultra Violet and Flame Resistant treated.

Double Stitched

with nylon thread used in the marine industry for extra strength.

100% Australian Made

Our pads are tailor made to your specification, right here in Australia.

High density polyurethane foam

manufactured a minimum 50mm (2inch) foam for better protection.

Sporting Code Compliant

made to suit a wide variety of sporting code specifications.

School Brand Ready

Display a school name, motto or anything you choose.

General Brand Ready

Display your logo on padding in public places such as scaffolding. It works as an excellent promotional tool showing your committment to safety.

AFL goal and point post compliant

made per AFL Australian regulation at a minimum of 2.5m high with 50mm (2 inch) foam.

Netball goal post compliant

If padding is used on the goal post, it must not be more than 50mm thick and start at the base of the goal post and extend between 2m and 2.4m up the goal post.

Available to a wide range of environments

Custom pads for football, basketball, and netball posts. We also pad playgrounds, childcare settings and industrial applications.

2 Year Warranty

All pads carry a no-hassle two year repair or replacement warranty on normal wear and tear. Please note, warranty does not cover vandalism.

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